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Greening Camp, Climate Change Adaptation, Urgent Letter

Greening Camp, Climate Change Adaptation, Urgent Letter

Urgent letter and article about climate change adaptation, civil protection, disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction (DRR), environmental and mental health, freedom, fundamental and Human Rights! Please forward to all peace-building organizations and institutions to accelerate and be better prepared. Stay safe and healthy.

Authorities, governments, local communities and people should be more concerned about saving rain, fresh or potable water for worst-case scenarios, such as extreme heat and drought. We have had a creeping or silent drought in Europe since March. If droughts continue and heat waves come, it can be a really serious worst-case scenario, especially a huge problem for health, mental health, and water security. Many cities do not realize the severity of the situation. After several inspections and inquiries, we have found that many urban areas are not well enough prepared. We scientists recommend speeding up preparations and hoping for the best that the summer will not be too dry or too hot. Contact your local authorities and the experts at the @Greening Deserts Networks and Trillion Trees Initiative for Europe, Africa, India and MENA region. If you need more information or advice on any of the above questions and issues.

The founder worked out an special fire and water protection project called Brandschutzkanister or Brandschutz-Kanister. It are water canisters you can use to reduce fire risks at home, work or even outside at risky locations. Means if there are corners or places very dry you can place the water canisters above and below, so in case of fires you will have fast water and if enough canisters are placed it if enough canisters are well placed, the fire may even extinguish itself. In German it is called »Selbstauslöschung« or »Selbstlöschung«. The good thing, you can use the canisters as chair, so the founder had the idea to develop the fire protection canister as nice product in future. If you want support the project development and help to push and share the development, the sustainable production and sharing in your community feel free to contact @greening and! Have courage for real solidarity with all the endangered or threatened people who life in affected regions who are affected by the ongoing drought and upcoming heat. You can read much in the latest article “Drought in Germany and Europe severely affects monoculture forestry, industrial agriculture and population”.

It follows the urgent letter who was sent to thousands of international experts, hundreds of institutions and even organizations of #EU and #UN! These certain people should stop being silent or profiling. It costs us all important time that we do not have when it comes to the worst-case scenarios. Above all, politicians should get their act together now and work more with the public on disaster preparedness and other important measures. Above all, stop disrupting Greening Deserts projects, social work, developments and developers! You are only endangering and harming the people, the nation and yourselves in the end! It is simply embarrassing and a disgrace. Rather help build the Vertical Farming Startup and Urban Greening Camp so that we can save many of the endangered species (including humans). For this we are in an object where we could store countless canisters and other important things like the seat canisters.

Climate Emergency and call for more international peace-building actions and peace speech to accelerate the peace process-better as any violent actions, risky armaments and military violence

Hello friends of planet Earth, humanity and nature,

This is a short info-email with some important advises. Don’t ignore and misunderstand, it are useful information for us all.

Please support and share the urgent call, article and letter if you can. It depends also on you and affects us all-especially the poor or weak victims of the world who need more solidarity, too.

Always remember, over 800 million suffering by hunger and if so much parts of the world or media, people, societies only care or report so much about #Ukraine and so less about other important issues - it’s not proportionate! Many more will suffer, poor nations and people will feel forgotten. It’s sad that so many ignore our advises and concerns or even block, disturb and harm the important humanitarian and peace work or projects. Seems that several people and interest groups don’t really want true peace.

Read more on Greening Deserts project pages and social pages, such as how to sustainably and realistically reduce the risk of further crises, especially the increasing risk of a global food and world war crisis. The media, especially the news and mass media, have a big responsibility in this and many other important aspects - especially in relation to ethical and moral principles, international guidelines and laws. They must also pay attention to the effects, side effects, and consequences of their broadcasts and programs - especially taking more responsibility in avoiding too much fear, violence, and horror. All these media must take care of the mental or psychological health of their consumers and viewers and prevent harm, this should finally be regulated by law. It is not the problem of news reporting about war and all the relations and problems like propagandizing the war - no matter which side. The risks of to much hasty, risky and wrong actions can cause more conflicts, death, suffering and expand the war like we see since the early days. Certain media pushes these problematic actions of all the responsible actors or parties. Many international intellectuals warn of a third world war by being too aggressive and supplying too many weapons, especially heavy assault weapons. Many nations, serious organizations and institutions have concerns about the developments.

Greening Deserts is distancing from any unnecessary rearmament and critical weapon delivery who makes things much worse. The opinion and advise is very easy, do more for real defense, passive and strategic tactics with more armor, intelligent moving, shields And it makes more sense in general and in the long run to do for real peace-building instead of risky weapon deliveries who makes things worse. Greening Deserts community and founder condemns the war of aggression, any destruction of the environment and life is bad! Some media misunderstanding the true facts and real reality - it is serious and important to prevent the high world war risks by doing much more for more peace-building!

Support Greening Deserts, Trillion Trees Initiative and connected projects on global and social networks - especially our humanitarian, peace-building and species rescue initiative.

Concerns, opinions and statements of the founder of the Greening Deserts Trillion Trees Initiative on the current situation

Since February, Greening Deserts have been calling for more health issues like mental health support, more peace speech(es), peace speech(es) and solidarity in all media - especially in advertising, mainstream and social media. Unfortunately, one can see that countless actions and demonstrations have not done much to maintain or restore peace - important aspects and awareness of certain backgrounds and causes are missing. The situation is getting worse and worse, as many of the problematic factors and multiplications, such as unnecessary provocations and sanctions, have driven the escalation spiral by many contributors. The media’s complicity and responsibility plays a crucial role. Unfortunately, not much has happened in this regard to date 15-03-2022. This can be seen just by the hashtags like #UkraineRussiaWar and many similar problematic escalations, sanctions, pushing military armament or warmongering actions in various media. Certain interest groups, manipulated media, people and parties or politicians have even further escalated and worsened the situation - this is like poured oil on the fire. They have no foresight and consideration for the peoples of the world and people who will suffer considerably or even die under the said actions and sanctions - and perhaps have already died! This deadly boomerang effect is significantly underestimated as with the Corona(virus) or #Covid 19 pandemic! It is once again the typical symptom fighting instead of root cause solutions and crisis prevention through sensible de-escalation diplomacy or language or real peace speech, disaster and conflict risk minimization, forward thinking action as well as sustainable foresight in so many essential areas - especially in ethical, humanitarian and social relation. We need more effective peace actions, peace speeches on all levels and less war speech or propagation of war in the digital or media space! By many of the hasty actions, provocations and escalations certainly many people have fallen ill and additionally died! Besides, the risk of a world war has increased enormously. If the world war and with it the nuclear war breaks out, this will be probably the last one!

Children’s Rights and Women’s Rights are also Human Rights. Access to a healthy environment, declared a human right.

Climate, nature and environmental protection is also species protection as well as human protection!

@GreeningDeserts projects we are calling since February for more peace building communications and negotiations by less provocations, support de-escalation and peace diplomacy! #BuildPeace #Humanity #Peace #Solidarity #UniteNations #UN #StopWar #RussiaUkrainePeace #UkraineRussiaPeace #PeaceSpeech.

Further pollution and heating of climate and environment by responsible industries and humans leads to more conflicts and crises! Telling these issues since years, offered solutions so many times. #globalcooling #globalgreening #peaceprocess #urbangreening

More nations must continue with war de-escalation diplomatic, logic, reason, humanitarian and cooperation for peace building!

#CreatePeace #Humanity #PeaceBuilding #PeaceProcess #Solidarity #StopWar #RussiaUkrainePeace #UkraineRussiaPeace

International women organizations unite for peace-building in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

#PeaceBuilding #UkraineRussiaPeace #RussiaUkrainePeace #PeaceBuilders #PeaceDays #PeaceProcess can #StopWar until April ! #BreakTheBias #WomensDay

Some important words for real peacebuilding: Peacemaking and peacekeeping women make for a safer world.

#BreakTheBias #InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2022 #WomensDayInternational #PeaceBuilding #PeaceMonth #Peace #StopWar #UkraineRussiaPeace #RussiaUkrainePeace

The Greening Deserts and Trillion Trees Initiative’s community supporting the #globalgreening and peace process in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. We humans and nature forces call for peace building! A peaceful end to the war is possible this month!

#Peace #PeaceMonth #PeaceProcess #PeaceSpeech

The main problem in the world is the advancement or proliferation of war talk, issues and actions in digital, mental and real life. By so many thinking, talking or even acting too war-oriented and less peace-oriented the reality is also determined by it and war risks naturally increase - it is never the fault of one person or group alone. When talking about war, peace should not be forgotten! #peace education #peace speech #peace media?

#DisasterMedia #MediaCircus #WarmMedia

A major problem in the world is too much war language, military propaganda in digital, mental and even real life. Too much war media and talk about war can lead to or fuel more conflict and war!

#PeaceWork #PeaceSpeech #PeaceMedia #DisasterMedia #WarMedia #WarNews

Media that reports so much about war should also show alternatives and real sustainable peace solutions. All this hasty and violent media we have seen since February is not good for peace building and mental health-especially for the old, poor and vulnerable. This media is damaging the health of many people and should finally take responsibility.

#ChildrensRights #MentalHealth #PeaceBuilding #PeaceSpeech

The parties and leaders of some European countries do not understand the seriousness of the situation and the coming consequences, as do many news media. First and foremost, emergency prevention, mental health and disaster risk reduction #DRR should be promoted more every day now-on all levels and especially in the media, news and talk shows!

There were several attacks on our pages and people, some help would be great-especially because of several Human Rights violations. To much violence and violent media is a major problem in these times.

It is sad that sharp criticism, inconvenient truth, logical opinions and charitable or humanitarian work isn’t allowed on certain “social networks”  we monitored and recorded many violations and dubious practices of censorship, shadow banning, and x-violations of social networks. With combinatorics, logic and reverse engineering you can proof a lot. The attacking, blocking, censorship or oppression of climate and species protectors, environmentalists, Human Rights and Children’s Rights must be reduced and have consequences-no matter how big or famous companies or people are. Who protects the defenders and protectors?

Many questions to answer and problems to solve, we know it’s not easy but it is possible if United Nations finally take it more serious.

Always remember, poverty reduction is no longer possible today without fighting corruption, or only with great difficulty-same for other global issues. It is now up to you as well. Please share and forward if possible. Every action counts in this regard. The call has been sent to thousands of institutions and organizations with some updates.

With best regards, your friend of nature. We-mankind-have not much time left to prevent the worst.

Constructive feedback and support is always welcome. Read more on Greening Deserts project pages.

Oliver G. Caplikas. Project Developer, Organizer, Publisher, Supervisor and independent Advisor.

P. S.: Further ideas, notes and opinions-please share your feedback:

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